Blaklez & Pdot O – Lost Diamonds II

Proud to announce that “Lost Diamonds II” album drops on October 21. That was South African rapper Blaklez announcing to his compatriots and fans when to expect a joint project from him and his associate Pdot O.

Well, it’s October 21, and the project is here. It’s a reunion of sorts in the sense that this is not the first project from the duo. But that’s by the way.

The compilation bears exactly 13 tracks, beginning with “No Missing Pages” and ending on a note of “Miracles.” Between those are tracks like “Bright Lights,” “Alive,” “About,” “No Rules,” “Say No More,” “Red Wine,” “Missing Pages,” and “Deep Gong.”

For the project, the duo worked with the likes of Hersch Snyders, AV, Agasi Nolitic, Maggz, N’Veigh, Bugzito, Ayanda Jiya, Jay Jody and Ora Kola.

“Lost Diamonds II” actually has some diamonds – you know, tracks that are not only a pleasure to the ears but also have the potential to keep you coming to them again and again. This much you will find out soon enough.

With the weekend close by, it’s easy to want to point to this album as an early weekend gift. It is, really. So embrace it and have a good time.

Blaklez & Pdot O – Lost Diamonds II


  1. Blaklez & Pdot O ft Ayanda Jiya – No Missing Pages
  2. Blaklez & Pdot O – Bright Lights
  3. Blaklez & Pdot O ft Jay Jody – Alive
  4. Blaklez & Pdot O – About It (Tyson Sybateli)
  5. Blaklez & Pdot O ft Chad Da Don – No Rules Freestyle
  6. Blaklez & Pdot O ft N’Veigh & Bugzito – Esselen Street
  7. Blaklez & Pdot O ft Ceazor & Ora Kola – Say No More
  8. Blaklez & Pdot O ft Hersch Snyders – Show Me
  9. Blaklez & Pdot O ft AV – Red Wine
  10. Blaklez & Pdot O ft Agasi Nolitic – Missing Pages
  11. Blaklez & Pdot O – Deep Gong
  12. Blaklez & Pdot O ft Maggz – Samson & Delilah
  13. Blaklez & Pdot O ft Agasi Nolitic – Miracles
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