Bobby Sessions Drops Anthemic New Single, “Fight”

Critically acclaimed Dallas rapper gains exposure in 2020 as co-writer of Megan Thee Stallion's global chart-topping "Savage"

Dallas rapper Bobby Sessions continues to tear away at the oppressive racism that afflicts African-Americans in our society, with his anthemic new single new single “Fight,” available today via Def Jam Recordings. Also today, the “Fight (Declaration Trailer Remix)” debuts as the track for the interactive game trailer of “Boosted,” the new sixth season entry in EA’s wildly popular Apex Legends series. Most recently, Bobby connected with Megan Thee Stallion and co-wrote her RIAA platinum single “Savage,” whose remix with Beyoncé has topped charts worldwide since its April release.

For Bobby Sessions, “Fight (Declaration Trailer Remix)” now becomes entwined with the Apex Legends saga, the free-to-play first-person shooter battle royale game that boasts over 70 million players worldwide. The news comes just weeks after “Made A Way,” Bobby’s previous single debuted in the interactive game trailer for EA’s upcoming FIFA 2021 video game, to be released worldwide on October 9th.

In 2018 Bobby won 4-star praise for “The Hate U Give,” his title track (featuring Keite Young) from the critically acclaimed motion picture’s all-star soundtrack album released on Def Jam.  Prior to that, Sessions had attracted nationwide attention with his first two incendiary singles for the label, “Like Me” and “Pick A Side.”

In the long hot summer of 2018, RVLTN – Chapter 1  offered hard-hitting production from Sikwitit, Anthm, and Brown Royal, along with Sessions’ aggressive, authentic, soulful sound, which harkened back to the roots and origins of classic hip-hop.  Sessions, who dedicated “Like Me” to his cousin James Germon Harper, killed by Dallas law enforce­ment in the summer of 2012, affirmed his place in the Black Lives Matter movement as he discussed the EP concept:

“My RVLTN EP series is about taking the politically incorrect conversations from the barbershop and expressing them through music. Chapter 1 highlights the root of race issues in this country. It addresses white suprem­acy, systematic oppression, as well as introspective realizations about the responsibility of becoming a leader. RVLTN will continue to unfold and evolve throughout upcoming chapters in my quest for viable solutions, black empowerment, and justice. This only the beginning.” 

The mission was underscored by the Instagram message he first posted about “Like Me”:

These days black lives have simply been reduced to hashtags. There’s often no time to grieve for our victims because another one of us gets killed shortly thereafter… but the pain of these tragedies is much deeper when it happens to your own family. I have been active­ly speaking out against the killing of unarmed black people by law enforcement ever since my cousin’s death … and I will continue to use my platform to speak out against a problem that negatively affects people all across the world that look like me.


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