Celeb Maproma & King Salama – Ro Hemelana

Caleb Maproma and King Salama make an amazing team as they release their new song titled “Ro Hemelana”.

Mzansi is on fire this year. Back in January, we wondered what gifts and surprises the year held in store. Now, we have seen a lot of them, and there’s more to come.

Caleb Maproma is up and ready to announce himself well this year. He’s doing that with his new collaboration with King Salama. Back in 2018, they appeared on a song with Dr Morwana & Stosha. Salama, released a few entries last year including “Mojolo Wa Baba” with Villager SA, “Adi Tshwane” with King Monada featuring Ceephonik, and more.

Caleb Maproma and King Salama have now teamed up to release this new song titled “Ro Hemelana”. Their work on the song is very laudable. Check it out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a playlist of your choice.

Celeb Maproma & King Salama – Ro Hemelana

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