Chymamusique – Live & Let Live Ft. Afrique Essence

South African disc jockey and producer Chymamusique bears a message for all, beautifully embedded in a song titled “Live & Let Live,” with Afrique Essence as the sole guest.

“Live & Let Live” is one message that has been around for as long as we can remember. In this song, though, the celebrated DJ gives that message a new resonance, leaving the listener with no option but to nod approval.

Famous for his contributions to South Africa’s house and piano spaces, Chymamusique beautifully asserts himself as a music maker of note in his song in review.

This song easily grows on you, and it is to the singer’s credit that it is devoid of the burning sentimentality you find in most numbers of similar themes. Now that’s what separates a fine creative from the manqué, yes?

If, like us, you have zero patience for the drab and the boring and yet you fancy music getting occasionally didactic, you may want to look in the direction of the song this musician and his pal have released.

This is no weekend jam, mind you. It’s a song for every day and any day. The message speaks for itself. Go find out for yourselves, peeps.

Chymamusique – Live & Let Live Ft. Afrique Essence

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