Da L.E.S Unleashes Gucci Snakes With Maggz

South African rapper Da L.E.S unleashes “Gucci Snakes” on his fans, but no one is running. Who would run when there’s no threat of reptilian attack and venom but the promise of good music? Come on!

“Gucci Snakes” is a collaborative song with Maggz, and it’s a great pleasure to hear. So you might want to get ready for another entertaining musical experience. That’s what the song promises and that’s what it delivers.

Da L.E.S is just great with Maggz. One may never know why he elected to work with him, but it’s clear the two artistes deserve each other on this number. It makes for an electrifying break from the normal.

“Gucci Snakes” is a welcome break for anyone desiring a good time. Elements of the good life popped on this song, taking the listener into a world of possibilities – what is and what might be. You just can’t go wrong vibing with this number.

Wouldn’t you rather get stung a bit by “Gucci Snakes” by Da L.E.S and Maggz?

How would you rate “Gucci Snakes” by the two artistes, though? You might want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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