Da Muziqal Chef – Giant Revolution (Kek’star’s Remix)

Da Muziqal Chef – Giant Revolution (Kek’star’s Remix)

Popular Piano hitmaker Da Muziqal Chef has come through with a new song titled “Giant Revolution (Kek’star’s Remix).”

The Piano scene has been on fire since the beginning of the year, with some talented DJs and artists championing the music. Thanks to Da Muziqal Chef, we have received more entries than we imagined we would.

The talented muso recently dropped an EP titled “Just A Taste.” The project housed six tracks and featured contributions from Daliwonga, Eemoh, De Mthuda, Sam Deep, Malumnator, Njelic, Aymos, Azana, and Mzizi. They all did a great job on the EP. You should check it out.

He has now returned another impressive entry. He titled it “Giant Revolution (Kek’star’s Remix)” and did a banging job with Kek’star on it. You do not want to pass on this one. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

Giant Revolution (Kek’star’s Remix)