Dinky Kunene – Boomba Ft. Job & Divakes x Nitax

South African singer Dinky Kunene goes “Boomba” in a new song featuring Job & Divakes and Nitax.

It’s the first time we have seen all of them on the same number but that’s not a complaint. Dinky Kunene and her associates did a fine job together, and it’s hard not to nod to their effort.

“Boomba” is a song to nod to. Whether you’re the party type or the quiet bod who just wants to have a good time without all the noise, with only an interesting number purring from the speakers, you should love what these friends have put together.

Dinky Kunene, who prides herself on being on the “thick” side of life, had earlier clued fans in n what to expect when she shared a teaser on her Instagram page.

With the full song out now, one can only say that the wait for “Boomba” has been worth it. The South Africa artiste and her friends have released a number worth a place on a playlist.

You may want to open your mind to this song and see the sheer power it houses. Yup, with this number, there are no boring breaks. So you know what to play if you want a good time.

Dinky Kunene – Boomba Ft. Job & Divakes x Nitax

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