Dinky Kunene & The Squad – Voices

Dinky Kunene is featured on The Squad's "Voices In My Head" with Nothing Funny

Dinky Kunene is a featured act on The Squad’s “Voices In My Head” song with Nothing Funny.

There are some amazing songs that many do not know about but you really should hear. This here is one of them. The track titled “Voices In My Head” features Dinky Kunene and Nothing Funny, and is fronted by The Squad.

There are collaborations which are just made in heaven. They sound so blissful that you can almost see the story play out in your mind as it plays. House music singer, Dinky did a very exceptional job on the track, as did The Squad and Nothing Funny.

The song, which was really earlier on in the year has registered itself in the minds of the people who have heard it. The creativity displayed on it is quite laudable, and we can’t help but praise each contributing act. Big ups to them all.

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