DJ Ace & Nox – Sugar and Spice

DJ Ace & Nox deliver brand new offering song "Sugar and Spice"

DJ Ace & Nox set off to sweeten the airwaves with their brand new song titled “Sugar and Spice”.

We doubt that we are the only ones whose hearts skip a beat everytime a new song by talented Mzansi DJs, Ace and Nox is released. The two have won us over with their amazing music both as individual DJs and also as a team.

We must say, their remix of “Kokota Piano” was a huge breath of fresh air and we loved every bit of it. They have also blessed the airwaves with even more impressive collaborations including “Rekaofela”, “Heartbeat”, “Team No Sleep”, “Untitled”, “Heroes Of Tomorrow”, and all the songs have hit a different way.

They are out this time with a brand new one. The recently released song is titled “Sugar & Spice”. Both DJs do exactly what they are known for with this one. You really should check it out.

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims


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