DJ Lag – Boiler Room London (E.B.N.X) Mix

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South African disc jockey and producer DJ Lag serves a hot course with his “Boiler Room London (E.B.N.X) Mix,” which you can stream here on UbeToo.

The songster boils things up in London with his “Boiler Room London (E.B.N.X) Mix,” a mix as engaging as any recent mix from him. Take it from us that it is worth every second of the playtime.

There is a part beat to this mix and a whole lot of other musical meats that would not fail to engage those truly paying attention, So if you are truly paying attention with the expectation of a grans musical hourney, you are at the right spot right now.

“Boiler Room” is more like a platform where musicians get the opportunity to rep their styles and maybe their countries of provenance. DJ Lag has done well here, and Mzansi should be proud of him. Embrace his mix!

Boiler Room London (E.B.N.X) Mix

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