DJ Nastor Drops Beginnings

DJ Nastor returns with “Beginnings,” an original mix of great lyrical warmth you should be pleased to check out.

DJ Nastor is one of the fine hands on Mzansi decks and turntables. Although the pandemic appeaared to have slowed down some artistes, the songster wasn’t slowed down at all.

He has managed to release several numbers this year, including “Jazzinova,” “Riot” (with Jonny) and “Fast Lane” (with Love Thang). His latest drop, “Beginnings,” popped online about three days ago. It’s a fine song will great entertainment value that will never lack for fans.

Here, the DJ is in a world all his own, spitting his bars like there is nothing else in the world worth doing. And it’s great pleasure following his musical “beginnings.” We wouldn’t be surprised if you should want the experience repeated. The song is that engaging. Wouldn’t you rather embrace the song right away? Best believe you’re in for a wonderful time with this song. Come on!

Well, how would you rate “Beginnings” by DJ Nastor? As you as chuffed with the song as we are? We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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