Echo Deep – Ndingedwa Ft. K – Mabee

Echo Deep releases new song "Ndingedwa" featuring K – Mabee

K – Mabee is featured on Echo Deep’s brand new stunner titles “Ndingedwa”.

There are certain musical acts we are just stunned by. Their contribution to various genres have been significant to the growth of those genres and we always think of the artists when we talk about them.

Producer and disc jockey, Echo Deep is one music maker who we will always be impressed by. He’s been around for some time and dropped some very heavy hits on the airwaves. We have received various additions from him to the Deep House and Afro House genres.

He’s best known for songs including “Crossing Borders”, “Kuana”, “Exit”, “Drum & Piano”, “Maasai Groove”, and more. On his recent venture, he releases a song titled “Ndingedwa” featuring K – Mabee who shows off incredible talent in it too. The work the two deliver on this new offering is quite impressive and we are stunned by it.

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