Enisa Drops “Love Cycle” Remix Featuring Davido

Enisa drops a remix of her “Love Cycle” song, featuring Nigerian songster |Davido.

“Love Cycle (Remix)” is a potent number that will not lack for fans. Compared to the original track, the remix is a fave of ours.  Part of the song’s charms rests in the musical synergy between the lead singer and the guest Davido.

Enisa is a living testament of the saying, keep hope alive. Ignored fo years as a musician, she never gave up. Instead, she continued putting on the work, encouraged by her family. Today her name is out there, and for good, too.

Her latest jam, “Love Cycle (Remix),” is illuminating on many levels and will certainly elevate your day. To listen to the song is to want to experience it again and tell others about it as well. Left to us, we should say the song is best enjoyed with company – someone you hold dear and don’t mid spending time with. Yup.

What’s your love cycle and how would you rate the song Enisa and Davido offer in their latest collaboration? We invite you to check out the tune below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Do.


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