Faith K Premieres K’Loud Album

songstress Faith K  mirrors her name in a new album titled, well, “K’Loud.”

The symbolism doesn’t end there, however. There’s also the idea of cloud, latent in the title as well as the cover art of the compilation, from which one can infer the singer’s dreams of musical domination – you know, from the bottom to the cloud – the top.

A recent manifestation on the music scene back home, Faith K has robust faith in her talents and in her ability to hitch that talent to a place in the sun. She manages to pass that message in the adopted title of her album, as well as in the songs the album houses.

“K’Loud” album is a seven-song rap compilation, beginning with “Down,” a collaborative work with Khan Khalii, and ending with “Neeh,” which has Family Tree rapper Nadia Nakai as the sole guest.

The compilation premiered on Apple Music and other digital platforms exactly a day ago – on 6 November. It’s a work of robust lyrical resonance that will assuage your hunger for a good time, musically.

Well, what do you think of Faith K’s “K’Loud” album? We invite you to stream this body of work below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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