Fivio Foreign, Kanye West & Alicia Keys Erupt In “City of Gods” Song | Listen

The gods are happy – at least their city is alive with some good noise – that’s to Kanye West, Fivio Foreign, and Alicia Keys.

Oh well, you guessed right. What you have here is an international gathering of champions, and the songsters actually aced their collaborative tune.

The three are not exactly regular collaborators, but they showed in their latest drop that they don’t need to be collabo regulars to ace a tune and keep the listener asking for more.

Fivio Foreign might be the name of one of the champs here, but it’s open you’s feel foreign vibing to any tune from the songster, including the number in review.

Easily the wealthiest in the collective, Kanye West is also a voice to hear and share. Of recent, though, the attention appears to be oscillating about his new relationship, and not on the music, following his separation from Kim Kardashian.

Will all that change? We can’t tell. We can only say that Ye gave a fine performance here.

Then comes the complement Alicia. It’s hard not to love her voice. There’s so much soul in her singing the listener is easily carried away. Well, who doesn’t want a chance at musical nirvana?

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