Flash iKumkani Releases “Umhluzi Remix” featuring Soul-T iDyan & Bravo Le Roux.

Emtee Records’ very own Flash iKumkani has come with a remix of his hit record “Mhluzi”.

Mhluzi is a song that has made waves across radio, TV and the streets at large, serving as Flash iKumkani’s formal introduction into the SA hip-hop space. The song is basically about the tastiness, vibe and authenticity that Flash iKumkani’s music brings in his music and he called it “Mhluzi” which directly translates to “gravy”. Mhluzi has received love across Africa and beyond thus making Flash iKumkani see fit to drop a remix this month to keep up the continuity of the song, and close off 2020 which was a great year for him with a bang.

Mhluzi remix carries weight as it comes to fly the flag of the Xhosa trap movement high. The song features two Western Cape giants who are anchors of Xhosa rap in the province, Bravo Le Roux and Soul T who each bring their own taste of “mhluzi”. Motion Billy, another Western Cape household name but on the music video directing side directed “Umhluzi remix” visuals.

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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