Gigi Lamayne Enlists DJ Tira, NaakMusiq & Just Bheki For “Slaap Tiger”

Mzansi rapper Gigi Lamayne has been a tease for the past few weeks, but the tease is finally over as she drops her potential hit banger "Slaap Tiger" featuring DJ Tira, NaakMusiq and Just Bheki.

In a recent Instagram post, the songstress indicated plans to work with an “uknown” artiste.

“Unknown” is actually a joke to her fans because she gave enough clues in what appears to be the cover art of the post. That the “unknown” artiste is actually NaakMusiq, one of the musicians signed to  DJ Tira’s Afrotainment who also recently released his first 2020 song titled Cinderalla.

Gigi Lamayne Enlists Dj Tira, Naakmusiq &Amp; Just Bheki For &Quot;Slaap Tiger&Quot; 2

The head of the artiste was completely covered, but there was enough clue from the build of the artiste, and even the massive body tattoo, that it was Naakmusiq, left hand on chin.

Also, when Gigi Lamayne asked fans to guess who the person was, DJ Tira had said Naakmusiq. The Afrotainment boss should know his artiste.

“Slaap Tiger” is produced by Golden Beats, and NaakMusiq is not the only feature appearing on the song, Afrotainment boss DJ Tira and Just Bheki are also enlisted on this major release. We only found out few days later that DJ Tira was also enlisted for “Slaap Tiger”, making it two heavy body tattoo artists.

On 2 October, the song was made available for pre-order on Apple Music and other digital platforms. The song was initially slated for release on 9th of October 2020 which is tomorrow but Christmas came early for “Slaap Tiger” and it made it to the internet earlier today.

You might want to check it out below and share your thoughts.

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