GoldFish Is Forever Free With Nate Highfield & Silver

Now we can tell what GoldFish has been up to. The group is out with a new song titled “Forever Free,” featuring Nate Highfield and Silver. You can stream the song here on UbeToo.

It’s a debut for the Cape Town band here on UbeToo, but we have no qualms saying Dominic Peters and David Poole (who make up the band) have brought us a number we are chuffed with and have no qualms sharing with you.

The song popped on Armada Music YouTube channel exactly two days ago (19 September 2020) but retains its charms. It’s a song you wouldn’t mind vibing with right now, for many reasons.

One is the effortlessly lyricism of the artistes on the number. The synergy between them cannot be missed. And this leads us to another, which is that the song actually speaks to the soul it’s just hard not to love it.

Talking about love and taking the leap, GoldFish’s ‘Forever Free’ hits listeners straight in the soul. Narrated by the vocals of Nate Highfield and Dan Silver on a stunning instrumental backdrop, this record will have their global fan base floating from the first second till the last.

If you’re looking for some dreamy moments this new week, “Forever Free” might provide just that. You might want to find out right away, yes?

Wouldn’t you rather be “Forever Free” with GoldFish, Nate Highfield, & Silver? We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Official Stream/Download Links

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