Hillsong United – I Surrender (Pro Tee Gqom Remix)

Hillsong United – I Surrender (Pro Tee Gqom Remix)

Can y’all imagine a Pastor Pro-Tee? Well, we find ourselves laughing thinking in that direction. Lol. But hey, Thebiso Professor Nkosi, the South African DJ and record producer, has gotten a semblance of a worship song out there.

As usual, Pro-Tee has released a remix of a song that is not his. For his latest drop, he had picked “I Surrender,” a number from the Australian worship group Hillsong United. The result is “I Surrender (Pro Tee Gqom Remix).”

Pro-Tee is a maker of gqom music. He has a well-documented habit of making gqom remixes of the songs of other artistes – songs that he fancies. So the latest drop is nothing surprising.

In the years since he manifested on the music scene in South Africa, e had released several remixes – mostly in the gqom genre. From South Africa to Sweden to the United States, Pro-Tee picks artistes all over the world and drops remixes of their works.

The latest drop is as engaging as any he’d released previously. So, with this song, you’re assured of a good time. As usual, the songster leaves no room for boring breaks. Go ahead then and have an immersive musical experience. You’ll love it.

Hillsong United – I Surrender (Pro Tee Gqom Remix)

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