Intaba Yase Dubai – Voicemail

Intaba Yase Dubai’s complaints have apparently gone to “Voicemail,” with his former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, no longer listening to anything he has to say. So it is safe to say South might be in for sporadic drama.

“Voicemail” is not a new song per se. The song has only erupted in the consciousness of music lovers once again following the singer’s complaint that the record label pulled down the song from its channel.

That action is akin to a declaration of war, according to him. And it’s going to be a long battle. This isn’t even the first time the record label has done such. It’s happened previously with a different artist. But that’s by the way.

This little drama with has given “Voicemail” a new life of its own. Hopefully, it doesn’t go to the voicemail of your consciousness after the first listen. Lol.

Intaba Yase Dubai – Voicemail

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