Jashmir – Blood & Water – (Theme Amapiano Remix)

Blood and Water is a popular South African soapie. With the third season of the series just announced, Durban DJ and producer Jashmir decided it should be a lot more special so he served a semblance of a musical cocktail for fans referecning the soaraway flick. Welcome to the world of “Blood & Water – (Theme Amapiano Remix).”

This tune is already viral – a hit with fans. The reason for this should be apparent presently. There’s a promise latent in the song, which is that you just cannot have a boring break with it. Impossible. To listen to the song is to experience liberating energy.

Jashmir, who may not have resonated with many previously, has thrust himself into the consciousness of a whole nation with “Blood & Water – (Theme Amapiano Remix).”

It is time to experience the muso and what he has put together. Let’s roll, shall we? The time is now, mate.

Jashmir – Blood & Water – (Theme Amapiano Remix)

@netflixsa Do you have rhythm in your blood, can you move like water? πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ•ΊπŸΎ Join the #BloodAndWater3 dance challenge and show off your moves like @mekailamathys ♬ Blood & Water – Mr Kamera & Frya (Official Remix) – Jashmir

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