Jazzuelle – The Amor Fati EP

Jazzuelle – The Amor Fati EP

Jazzuelle is back for the second time this year with another beautiful EP titled “The Amor Fati.”

One thing is sure, Jazzuelle will celebrate good music and bless fans with it. The famous hitmaker has proven this throughout his career with the best tunes, and his fans never get enough of it.

Earlier this year, he dropped the “Forever” EP, which housed three tracks and did not feature any guest artists. Last year, he also released a few entries, including the “Abiogenesis” EP, the “Faraway” EP, and of course, the “NEO” album. It housed 13 tracks and featured Kila Mija, Buddynice, TimADeep, Z.E.N, Jaidene Veda, and more.

Jazzuelle is back again with a new project. He titled it “The Amor Fati” EP. The project housed three tracks without any guest features. Check the songs out below to listen to them. Also, add them to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

The Amor Fati EP


  1. Jazzuelle – Amor Fati
  2. Jazzuelle – Walking Shadow
  3. Jazzuelle – La Dolce Vita
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