Joyous Celebration – Na You Be God

South African gospel collective Joyous Celebration returns with an engaging number that amplifies the role of the spiritual in the physical, “Na You Be God.”

Man contends with so many challenges, some of which are unexpected and just simply terrifying. Some people would readily give up the fight when the problems get too harsh and all hope and victory seem lost.

But Joyous Celebration would rather people – especially the athletes of Christ – remain in the faith because God never changes, and He’s only too eager to listen to those who earnestly seek him, ever ready to prove that he’s omnipresent and omnipotent.

And He has done so much for those who seek him that the gospel collective chooses to amplify what God has done and will yet do through their song “Na You Be God.”

Joyous Celebration is a band of several members, the bods and the gents. The band has been around for several years and also established itself as one of the influential gospel music groups in South Africa.

In fact, it’s impossible to draw up a list of top gospel music groups in right now without somehow including Joyous Celebration of the “Na You Be God” fame.

Joyous Celebration – Na You Be God

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