Karabo – Hosanna

“Hosanna,” croons South Africa’s Karabo, winning many along with the power of song and singing.

A deeply moving song with undeniable spiritual energy, “Hosanna” seems like an unlikely number for the reality television show Idols SA, where had emerged as part of the top three.

But then, she wowed many with the song and viewers ensured she wasn’t dropped in the semi-finals but made it to the final. Now she would have to compete with Berry for the season 17 crown.

“Hosanna” had captured the hearts of many when it was sung during the semi-finals. It may have been days since then, but the power of the song and Karabo’s singing are still very much alive in the memories of many out there.

For those who are into music, “Hosanna” is not only a soul winner but a reason to wish win the scudetto this weekend.

Well, we are all here for the song. And while we have no clue who, between Berry and Karabo, would win season 17 of Idols SA, w know for sure that “Hosanna” is a song deserving of a place on the playlist of every Christian out there. Go figure.

Karabo – Hosanna

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