Listen The Latest From Irene-Louise Van Wyk Titled “Ek Voel Soos Oee”

Irene-Louise Van Wyk releases new "Ek Voel Soos Oee"

Irene-Louise Van Wyk releases a brand new song titled “Ek Voel Soos Oee”.

Isn’t it just cool to know many talents across continents. Truly, music goes beyond language and artistes have been able to break through those barriers and score fans beyond the shores of their countries.

Talented musician, Irene-Louise Van Wyk is an entire mood. Her music gives life to the lifeless, and she makes you as energetic as you need to be once her voice fills the room. Her debut CD “More Than Words” was certainly more than words could describe. She’s proven herself to deserve a seat at every musical table there is.

We continue to be in awe of her style which is entirely unique to her. In an era when a lot of music artistes look and sound like each other, she blazes her own trail. Her song “Ek Voel Soos Oee” will definitely leave you wanting more.

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