Major League DJz – Amapiano Balcony Mix (Live In Capetown) S4 Ep4

South African boy band Major League DJz continues their amapiano adventures with a new compilation dubbed “Amapiano Balcony Mix (Live In Capetown) S4 Ep4.”

If you have been following this collective at all, then you probably also know that the drop is nothing surprising. Bandile and Banele (who make up the band Major League DJZ) have been dropping mixes in the amapiano genre since they ditched hip hop.

Right now, their amapiano commitment is so deep that many fail to recognize they didn’t start with the Yanos; they merely joined the party halfway.

Anyway, in the intervening years, Major League had moved from producing “imitations of Kabza De Small” (according to one fastidious critic) to producing jams that are decidedly theirs.

And now it is impossible to talk Yanos without somehow bringing up their names. But that’s by the way. You’ll have got another winning mix from the group right now and your best bet is to embrace it.

Yeah, “Amapiano Balcony Mix (Live In Capetown) S4 Ep4” by the Mbere brothers is a mix well worth a place on a playlist. It’s up to you to explore it to your heart’s content. Let the music begin if you please. No qualms.

Major League DJz – Amapiano Balcony Mix (Live In Capetown) S4 Ep4

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