Makhadzi – Muvhili Wanga Ft. Prince Benza

“Muvhili Wanga (Tribute To Lufuno)” might be just the song for those who care to memorialize the late Lufuno. It’s the creative work of and her musician pal Prince Benza.

The kid here memorialized, Lufuno Mavhunga, had committed suicide after she was bullied at Mbilwi Secondary School in Sibasa, Limpopo, South Africa.

Reports indicate it wasn’t the first time she has been bullied at school. She had reportedly informed the principal of the threats on her person but the principal had dismissed them. Unable to contain the threats, Lufuno had taken her own life.

The tragedy of her suicide resonated across South Africa. One of the leading figures in South African music, had stated his desire to attend her funeral.

and chose a different route: they honoured the late teen in song. “Muvhili Wanga (Tribute To Lufuno)” is a deeply moving number that might even make you angry and ready to fight for the bullied.

What do you think of and Prince Benza’s “Muvhili Wanga” tribute to the late Lufuno? You may want to join stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!

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