Mellow & Sleazy & Chley – Wenza Kanjani Ft. 2Woshort, TNK Musiq & Boontle RSA

South African boy band Mellow & Sleazy returns with another charming jam. This one goes by the title “Wenza Kanjani” and features fellow South Africans Chley Nkosi, RSA, TNK Musiq and 2woshort.

It’s a mellow jam, this, and easy to fall in love with. Although the song might have house and piano elements, it still opens itself to any lover of good jams. So whether you’re on the house or piano fence or elsewhere, you’re sure to have a good time with it.

The lead singers on the song are two pals who found common ground in music and have been pushing their faith in that direction since. The result has been several charming numbers. You’re welcome to add the song in review because it’s also a lyrical charmer. Of course, it’s not the finest drop from them yet—still, a winner.

Having Chley Nkosi, RSA, TNK Musiq, and 2woshort on the song brings the artists on the beat to five – pretty heavy, if you should ask us. To their credit, though, they put out a number worth listening to.

So, if you appreciate a good time like us, you should make it a point to listen to this number. Your spirit should thank you for it. Let the music begin, peeps.

Mellow & Sleazy & Chley – Wenza Kanjani Ft. 2Woshort, TNK Musiq & RSA

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