Midnight SA & TorQue MuziQ release “Bumbling Sound”

Midnight SA and team up for a brand new release titled “Bumbling Sound”.

How are you loving your weekend? Some people just want to relax and be taken care of on the weekends, while some want to lose all the care in the world and party till the weekend is over. Whichever category you fall into, you would definitely need some good music to enjoy.

Of course, we always have your back. Midnight SA and have something up their sleeves that would help you enjoy yourself. They’ve teamed up for the very first time on a song titled “Bumbling Sound”.

Of course from that title, you know it is going to be a straight up party. You really should check it out and add it to your playlist. Stream and download the song below to listen. Also, share your thoughts and opinions on it in the comments section.

Mp3 Download

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