Moonchild Sanelly – Strip Club Ft. Ghetts

South African singer is all for liberating the female folk, and she affirms the same all the time, not just in her life but in her music video. She demonstrates the same again with a new song titled “Strip Club,” featuring Ghetts.

happily takes the title of a female orgasm advocate. She’s also for the ladies tossing away their clothes – liberating themselves, getting nude.

In that sense, then, her latest jam should surprise no one. The song drops amid the news of her recent breakup with her longtime girlfriend. Now, wants to link up not just with the girls but with the guys too.

Her latest drop is ideal for those who love and desire a wild time. You may consider it one song to play on repeat at the clubs. It’s energizing on many levels, and we think the lovers of the out-of-doors might consider it a staple.

Ghetts was just on point singing alongside Sanelly. The two artists might not be the oldest collaborators, but they easily aced their joint jam.

The weekend is only a few hours away, and we can tell you without qualms that “Strip Club” can keep you on heat throughout the weekend.

Sanelly – Strip Club Ft. Ghetts

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