Lady Amar, JL SA, Cici & Murumba Pitch – Hamba Juba

The talented hitmakers Lady Amar, JL SA, Cici & Murumba Pitch have released a new song titled “Hamba Juba.”

The Piano scene is back to form again for the weekend. The popular genre has dominated every space on the airwaves this year. Lady Amar leads the way with a brand new entry.

She made some moves last year and got praised for it. She teamed up with Rascoe Kaos and released the song “Nomfundo,” featuring contributions from StussyV, Napster, and Bhuda MaAccess. She has been around for some time even though she hasn’t dominated the airwaves with jams.

Lady Amar has joined forces with JL SA, Cici, and Murumba Pitch to release her latest single titled “Hamba Juba.” They all did a great job on the song. You should hear it. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

Hamba Juba

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