Malome Vector – Costa ft. DeeTheGeneral & Lizwi Wokuqala

Malome Vector’s new song “Costa” features DeeTheGeneral and Lizwi Wokuqala. The performers sing in their native Sesotho language over a fusion of hip-hop and traditional African music.

Malome Vector, a rising sensation in South African music, delivers an emotional and heartfelt performance in “Costa.” His smooth flow and poignant lyrics are complemented by Lizwi Wokuqala’s soulful voice, which lends depth and feeling to the song.

DeeTheGeneral also contributes his distinctive style to the tune, giving the track a gritty edge. Collectively, the three musicians create a potent and moving piece of music that highlights the beauty and diversity of South African culture.

Fans and critics alike have praised the authenticity and originality of “Costa” With its catchy rhythm and memorable lyrics, the song is certain to be a success among African music enthusiasts and beyond.

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