Ney Wa Mitego – Mr. Ney EP

Controversial Tanzanian artiste Emmanuel Elibariki, who goes by the stage name of Nay Wa Mitego, drops a self-titled project, “Mr Nay” EP, which you can stream here on UbeToo.

I’s a album in the sense that there’s not one track in this compilation has a guest artistes. From “Ipo Sawa” to “Mungu Anakuona,” the songster spat his bars alone and did great – by the way.

Ney Wa Mitego – Mr. Ney Tracklist

  1. Ipo Sawa
  2. Mungu Anakuona
  3. Mungu Yuko Wapi
  4. HAKI
  5. Mungu Anakuona

“Mr Nay” contains some controversial numbers. But then there is nothing surprising given the songster’s predilection for taking on social and political situations with his song, not minding who might be affected.

has go strong opinions, from politics to music, and much of them are liberated in the album which he named after himself. It’s a fine compilation that any Nay Wa Mitego fan should be pleased to possess and share, too. Y’all gotta check it out. Come on!

How would you rate “Mr Nay” ny Nay Wa Mitego? You can check out the body of work below nd join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!

Ney Wa Mitego – Mr. Ney EP Zip Download

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