Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Groovy Since 90 Sumthin Album

South African music producers Oscar Mbo and C-Blak link up for a collaborative album titled “Groovy Since 90 Sumthin,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things Mzansi music and entertainment.

“Groovy Since 90 Sumthin” is a house offering of exactly 12 tracks – compact to the core. The two singers are on all the songs, with a sprinkling of guest artists on some of them. Audiology, Blackafrokay, Artwork Sounds, CoolKruger, Deep Essentials, Besta Evo, KG Smallz and are among the musicians Oscar and pal elected to work with.

House music might not be the in-thing in South Africa at the moment, but Oscar and co have just created something that will easily ignite interest in the genre. The album from their orbit is well deserving of the flame emoji.

This isn’t the most charming drop from Oscar yet. But it’s a compilation with the wait anyway – a body of work any lover of good music should be pleased to check out.

“Groovy Since 90 Sumthin” is two musicians saying while they might not be the most resonant voices out there, they’re still pretty good with what they do and should be checked out by those who value the same.

Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Groovy Since 90 Sumthin Album


  1. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Fallin
  2. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak ft Audiology & Blackafrokay – Bangshiyile
  3. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak ft Mawhoo – Moya Wam (C-Blak’s Vocal Mix)
  4. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Smooth Operator (Mfana Wam)
  5. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Groove
  6. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak ft Besta Evo – Bozza
  7. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak ft KG Smallz & Dearson – Yes, God
  8. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak ft Artwork Sounds – Sing My Son (Cula)
  9. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Groove 2.0
  10. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak ft Deep Essentials – Flame
  11. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak ft CoolKruger – Buya Faanaa
  12. Oscar Mbo & C-Blak – Groovy Since 90 Somethin

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