Oufadafada – I Cant Give Up Now

The talented Oufadafada has come through with a resilient new album titled “I Cant Give Up Now.”

We have seen a lot of good music releases this year. Oufadafada was not left out, and he has blessed the scene with many releases. He has returned to the scene with a new album.

Oufadafada teamed up with DJ 8 Milli and released the song “I Can’t Give Up Now.” He returned with “The Gospels Of DJ 8 Milli & Oufadafada,” which housed six tracks. He has also dropped a few singles from his album, including “Problems” with Master KG, “Lord Is My Shepherd” with Megadrumz, and more.

Oufadafada has come through with the “I Cant Give Up Now” album. It houses sixteen tracks and features contributions from Megadrumz, DJ 8 Milli, Deepconsoul, and Master KG. Check the songs out below to listen to them. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

I Cant Give Up Now

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