Paige – Unjalo

brings fans to the same page with her with a new number titled “Unjalo,” which is available for your streaming pleasure below. The number is part of a recently released project.

’s music universe gleams with numerous stars. And happens to be one of them. Of course, she’s rarely in the news and rarely trends. But then, the songstress knows how to snap attention with her numbers.

Her song in review should be a sterling example to those not conversant with her and her works. The number is charming, and there is so much to love about it. While we could go on and on about its merits, we would rather leave that for you to find out. But best believe that you’re in for a wonderful time with this one.

Now hit the play button and roll on the same page with Paige. No qualms, peeps.

Paige – Unjalo

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