Patty Monroe – Perfect Timing EP

returns to UbeToo with a new compilation dubbed “Perfect Timing” EP. And it wouldn’t hurt if you should assume this is the perfect time to listen to this body of work.

With a title such as this, perhaps without meaning to, she had affirmed a belief held b many that timing might be – can be – perfect.

This body of work bears seven tracks in all, with just one guest artist in the person of DeWun Music, who popped on the second and fifth tracks. took the lead throughout.

One really can’t quarrel with her limiting herself to just one guest. She wanted to make the album about her, and she did just that without taking the listener into the slough of boredom.

The compilation begins with ” press Train,” which sets the tempo for what follows. The number is potent enough to make the listener continue the listening journey.

Patty Monroe – Perfect Timing


  1. Xpress Train
  2. Trapped Ft. DeWun Music
  3. Madam President
  4. Perfect Timing
  5. RollerCoaster Ft. DeWun Music
  6. Know Love
  7. Sle

Well, if you’re looking for a liberating musical experience, you might want to check out what has put together. Let the music begin.

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