Q Twins Sing Sobabili | Listen

Y’all ready for another song break from Mzansi’s ? Well, you’re in good company. The pair has got an exciting tune that you should hear, titled “Sobalili.”

The song popped out of the Afrotainment duo’s debut studio album, “The Gift of Love,” which is available for streaming here on UbeToo. It was a long wait for the project. It is here now and fortunately exciting.

“Sobalili,” which plays for exactly 3 minutes and 9 seconds, is track 3 in the compilation. It might be down there on the tracklist, but it is one of the numbers you just cannot sleep on. That’s how confident we are about it.

Unlike some tracks in the compilation, was clearly silent on “Sobalili” until it dropped as part of their debut project. No qualms, though. It’s a winning tune that should speak to just about any soul out there. You should love every minute vibing with it.

You might want to do the needful right away, then: open your soul to this number and let the waters of its lyricism take your soul somewhere beautiful, somewhere memorable… The experience is certainly one to have.

Embrace it, if you please, and let us know what you think, in the comment section.

Mp3 Download / The Gift Of Love Album

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