Samthing Soweto – Amagents

Friday update, South African singer Samthing had piped in a recent video posted to and announcing the imminent release of a song titled “Amagents.”

At the time he announced the coming of the song, fans had thronged the comments, indicating their excitement over what is to come. The excitement continues with the full release, of course. Has the wait been worth it? We should say yes. As usual, the songster has created a number that easily draws the listener in and retains him there.

Samthing has had a difficult history. But in all his battles, music has been his salvation. Arrested and convicted for robbery years back, the songster had managed to bounce back and into the consciousness of the public thanks to music. Besides dropping lyrical winners of his own, the songster has had the opportunity of working with other key figures in the music industry in South Africa.

At this point in his musical odyssey, he’s easily one of the voices to recognize in South African music. That voice is all yours to hear in the songster’s latest bang. Go ahead, then, and savor the charms of his creative energy. With this number, best believe your day will be bright.

Samthing Soweto – Amagents

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