Sir Trill – Mogwanti Ft. Mellow & Sleazy, M.J

One thing about being a good artist – a musician whose songs fans look out for and look forward to – is that your numbers are most likely to be leaked sometime in your career.

Speaking of leaks, there’s something from the orbit of Sir Trill, a song titled “Mogwanti,” featuring Mellow & Sleazy, and M.J.

For a song that was actually leaked – which might not even be complete – “Mogwanti” is pretty good on the ears. We loved it anyway, and we have no qualms urging y’all to check it out.

Sir Trill doesn’t have an extensive collaborative history with the artists he elected to work with on this song. However, there’s no denying the synergy they all shared. They were – really are – good together.

“Mogwanti” is a memorable number and will easily draw the listener into its orbit after a first encounter. So, yes, you can have this song on your playlist for a long time and without regrets too.

With this leak, the temptation to want to look out for the official drop is pretty strong. And even if there should be no official drop as a result of the leak, y’all should stay have a great time with this. No qualms.

Sir Trill – Mogwanti Ft. Mellow & Sleazy,

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