Skiibii Asks Are You “Vhere” In New Song | Listen

Before the official release of his “Are You Vhere” song, Nigerian songster had gone on a promotional campaign, letting fans know what was imminent.

Well, the song is here now, and it looks like what y’all might want to hear, especially if you fancy the good things of life and have been working assiduously to join the moneyed league.

Skiibii’s oeuvre revolves around the money, wine and women. The “Big Engine” star holds fast to old tropes as he spits his verses in his latest song, which is also his first this year (2021).

Produced by Fancy Beat and Rexxie, “Are You Vhere” appears like a number that will particularly interest the avant-garde and the young, impatient collective with Gucci dreams and Lambo ideas.

You might want to pause a min and ask yourself, a la Skiibii, “Are You Vhere” among the hardworking billionaire? If the answer is not, you might want to reappraise your journey and make the big leap.

As peeps down here would say, no time. Wouldn’t you rather let treat you to an interesting part of him? You should love the experience, really. Go ahead and stream his latest jam below and let us know what you think, in the comment section.

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