Stiff Pap – Ngomso (ft. Moonchild Sanelly) (DJ LAG Remix)

Recently, Stiff Pap and Moonchild Sanelly linked up for a song titled “Ngomso,” which was a hit with a section of the audience in Mzansi.

DJ Lag has just retouched the song, creating a remix that’s as charming as the original tune. Welcome to the world of “Ngomso (DJ Lag Remix).” In a recent Instagram post, DJ Lag indicated that the song was his way of making sure his fns begin 2021 on a good note. At this we should say he succeeds.

The titled song is actually something you wanna listen to over and over for its fierce sonic energy. It’s a first from DJ Lag and Co this year, and already, we love what’s on the table. We see many fans looking forward to more numbers from the songster on the strength of the song in hand.

Care for a fine start to the New Year? Well, you just cannot go wrong electing to vibe with “Ngomso (DJ Lag Remix).” The song promises as much as it delivers.

Get ready for a fine moment, if you please. Well, how would you rate “Ngomso (DJ Lag Remix)”? You might want to check out the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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