Stogie T – Mama Say…

Celebrated lyricist Stogie T returns “back to the music” — or so he says —with a hashtag on Instagram, announcing his latest drop, “Mama Say,” which follows his signing to Def Jam Africa.

In the same post, he’d also shared the lyrics to the song, which might have some fans reliving the past and the roles their mothers played in their lives. It’s Stogie T as assured as can be.

“Mama Say” has the Def Jam imprint, so yes it is the first song the South African musician had released following his signing to the record label which is also home to the likes of Boity, Cassper Nyovest, Lucasraps and Nasty C.

By the way, the release of “Mama Say” follows Stogie T’s altercation with culture critic Baloyi during Yanga Chief’s Famous Friends event recently.

From the look of things, Stogie T has pushed behind him that infamous encounter with Nota. He’s only out to focus on the music.

In fact, after listening to his latest drop, the altercation of data ago would barely register in the consciousness of anyone truly devoted to Mzansi music. It’s the vibe that really counts and you can savor it without qualms. Go figure.

Stogie T – Mama Say…

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Mama Say Lyrics

Verse 1

New blaring In a parked engine Apartment block sketchy

I am edgy

Shortie shoulda been got ready

But she top heavy Fetish override scary Sous vide pork belly Jos roasted strawberries

We cherry toast merely to the healthy

Forgot I am married

Unsettled remembered what momma tell me

It gets blurry, wins followed by rains, be wary

Get carried away following whims get buried

Celebrity’s the coal mine canary

They glorify and hail him with the same

Gold knife behead him So Roman senate Whole lot of venom Off bat, here’s Gotham emblem

For the authentic, skin is raw denim

You need an Alternate ending

The bad guy winning

It’s sci-fi written you dums dums tweeting

Your highlights fiction

My actual lifelike island living

Wife might pick a visit from some flick she digging

Now dig it

She sightseeing, my sights precision gun wilding

My guys might kill him, I am conflicted by religion

I am no tough guy but tough guys love a nigga

They might untuck and for a box of Liquor

The rambunctious, knock the pompous unconscious Call a caucus with the bosses

Even thugs ain’t lawless

Momma think I lost it

I am trying to protect her honour

She sees the gun holster and knows shit is rubbing off us Bring the coffins

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