The Kiffness x Ginger the Cockatiel – Kookee Kookee

If you have been around the musician The Kiffness long enough, you probably already know that he thrives in the comedic and the absurd. And you just might have hints of both in “Kookee Kookee,” his latest joint jam with Ginger the Cockatiel.

These two don’t have a long collaborative history. Still, they managed to hit it off with this one. The result is not only a pleasure to the ears, but it might also provoke a smile from your end as well. With the weekend just hours away, it is beginning to look like this number should be the opener into Saturday.

At least it promises to lighten the mood – something everyone could do with after the stress of the work week. We are adding this number as part of our playlist this weekend, and we enjoin you to do the same. You will have no regrets, really. Let’s roll!

Kookee Kookee

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