The Lowkeys Drops “Bella Ciao” With 3TWO1

South African trio The Lowkeys links up with fellow muso 3TWO1 for a new song titled “Bella Ciao.”  You can stream it right here on UbeToo.

On title value, “Bella Ciao” is a protest folk song which originated in Italy. The song popped in the popular series Money Heist and became a hit with many out there. But is the song in equally of protest? Come along.

Actually we weren’t exactly expecting this song from The Lowkeys and 3TWO1. Our binoculars were trained on Nicole Elocin and TylerICU’s orbit, having announced the pair would be releasing a collaborative song of that title soon. You can check out the backstory here.

What’s with the obsession with “Bella Ciao” though? An addiction to the series Money Heist? No qualms. The Lowkeys and 3TWO1 have released a song worthy of places on a playlist. This much should be apparently on first listen. So do well to check out the song. We see y’all “clicking” with it almost immediately. Come on.

How would you rate the song, though? you may want to stream “Bella Ciao” by the Lowkeys and 3TWO1 below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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