The Weeknd Checks in With “I’m A Virgin”

The Weekend gets all comical on his new song titled “I’m A Virgin”

American singer the Weekend got to premiere is co-written episode of the cartoon series American Dad with Seth Macfarlane and decided to give fans a comedic music flow with a release of the new song.

The Weekend in the second episode of the 17th season of the series, played his animated self, who was kidnapped by the CIA agent Stan Smith, in order to teach their live-in alien, Roger, a lesson and it eventually led to a lustful situation between him and the Smith family.

The new song, co-written by Asa Taccone, saw The Weekend sing comically about having not done drugs or watched porn before, which made him more of a virgin. The Weekend who had always dreamed of being in the show for a long time, showed us his alter ego, which is a funny version of him.