TNK MusiQ – Groove Cartel Mix

The dynamic duo TNK MusiQ has made a triumphant return to the music industry with their latest offering, the “Groove Cartel Mix,” a high-energy live DJ event mix.

Comprised of two talented artists, TNK MusiQ has been hard at work in the studio honing their craft and experimenting with new sounds to bring to their fans. They have gained a reputation for their signature style and the ability to electrify crowds with their performances.

Collaborating with other notable artists such as DBN Gogo and Musa Keys, TNK MusiQ has solidified their position as hitmakers in the industry.

Their latest mix, “Groove Cartel Mix,” is a seamless blend of Amapiano and Afro House sounds, guaranteed to get fans on their feet and moving to the beat.

Experience the unique sound and style of TNK MusiQ by listening to their “Groove Cartel Mix” now. This mix is sure to become a fan favorite and leave listeners eagerly anticipating their next release.

TNK MusiQ – Groove Cartel Mix

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