Touchline & Ginger Trill ft Mandy ZA – Amen

Touchline & Ginger Trill ft Mandy ZA – Amen

South African rapper Touchline returns to UbeToo alongside Ginger Trill with a track of affirmation dubbed “Amen.” This number has his associate Mandy ZA as the sole guest.

Touchline is one of the rap fingers worth a second glass in the ever-bubbly river of South African music. He stands out as a commendable talent but it appears many are not paying attention to him and he has, sadly not been receiving his flowers as he should.

Anyway, “Amen” affirms his creative powers yet – a song you listen to and nod to, convinced that the person who dropped it knows what he is doing and is not out to waste your time.

While we wouldn’t count this as the finest number from the songster yet, we still see it for what it is: A song you should be able to add to your playlist without regrets whatsoever. Go ahead, then, and embrace the tune.


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