Vico Da Sporo – Bandlase Vol.2 Album

Vico Da Sporo premieres a new compilation titled “Bandlase Vol.2,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music and entertainment.

Volume one of the series was a big win with fans, and we’re sure that the second volume will be a winner. At least we love it.

“Bandlase Vol.2” rings amapiano, which is the in-thing in right now.

Rarely one to drop slim volumes, Vico Da Sporo fires out an impressive 19 tracks for his latest project. He started with “Intokozo Intro,” dropping winners like “Eyokuza,” “Wandy,” “Osis’ Bey’moto,” and “Nomalanga” along the way.”

The journey ends with “Mamela” and “Ematarvern Feel,” when the listener would have been more than energized for the week.

Vico Da Sporo didn’t make the musical journey alone – expectedly. He started with Mavivi, Ule, Sandile and Sibusiso ISO Makhoba singing along with him.

He’d co-opted Nyuswa, Daughter, Mbomboshho and others along the line. To his credit, he performed well with the musicians he elected to work with.

“Bandlase Vol.2” is a splendid compilation and a reason to look out for a third volume in the series though there are no indications it will come out soon.

Vico Da Sporo – Bandlase Vol.2


  1. Vico Da Sporo – Intokozo Intro ft. Mavivi, Ule, Sandile & Sibusiso ISO Makhoba
  2. Vico Da Sporo – Eyokuza ft. Joel Nyuswa
  3. Vico Da Sporo – Wandy ft. Sibusiso ISO Makhoba
  4. Vico Da Sporo – Osis’ Bey’moto ft. Daughter
  5. Vico Da Sporo – Nomalanga ft. Mbomboshe
  6. Vico Da Sporo – Nay’nkinga ft. Jey Charles
  7. Vico Da Sporo – Her ft. Sibusiso ISO Makhoba
  8. Vico Da Sporo – Nandi ft. Mavivi & Sandile
  9. Vico Da Sporo – Thandiwe ft. Mbomboshe
  10. Vico Da Sporo – She Was Patapata ft. Singapoure
  11. Vico Da Sporo – Zuko ft. Jey Charles
  12. Vico Da Sporo – Bambo ft. Sandile
  13. Vico Da Sporo – ft. Ts vocalist
  14. Vico Da Sporo – 3 Souls ft. Langerrr & Sandy Kt
  15. Vico Da Sporo – Qoma Re touched ft. Dr smile & Master A
  16. Vico Da Sporo – Mr QeH ft. Mr Q
  17. Vico Da Sporo – Sila ft. ISO
  18. Vico Da Sporo – Mamela ft. Azana
  19. Vico Da Sporo – Ematarvern Feel ft. Dr smile & Sandile

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