Vico Da Sporo – Me N U EP

Vico Da Sporo's Musical Journey Continues with "Me N U" EP

An Exploration of Sound and Emotion

Vico Da Sporo, a name synonymous with innovation in the music scene, has unveiled his latest project, the “Me N U EP.” This collection of tracks delves deep into the artist’s experiences, emotions, and musical evolution.

Drawing inspiration from various genres, Vico Da Sporo has crafted an EP that resonates with diverse audiences. From soulful melodies to rhythmic beats, “Me N U EP” is a testament to Vico Da Sporo’s versatility and commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

As fans eagerly dive into this new offering, the music industry awaits to see the ripples it creates in the charts and dancefloors.



5:43Impumelelo (feat. Charlotte_Lyf)Vico Da Sporo
6:42Vico Da Sporo – Indaba kaban [Feat. Azana] (Official Audio)Vico Da Sporo
6:08Acrimony (feat. NATASHA MD, K Motion, Sibusiso makhoba)Vico Da Sporo
6:08Thando lwakho (feat. Azana)Vico Da Sporo


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